SR Industries

Beyond supply and production,
we provide a total service
for traffic
safety systems and the development
of the car market.

  • Road and Traffic Safety Dept

    Road sign production, digital printing, special roll to roll ultraprecision cutting, silk printing.

    We supply safety products and finished products for domestic traffic safety, construction, and public offices, and operate various customer management programs related to various laws, regulations, laws, and brochures, as well as price information and design.

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  • Automobile Division

    Dress-up(car wrap, PPF, tinting), automobile special decal production and installation, AutoMarker development car (camouflage, tinting)

    We provide design, fabrication, graphic printing and installation of all commercial vehicles.

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  • Special Vehicles Manufacturing Dept

    Tolerance/Special Features/ Commercial / Recreational Vehicles, Related Parts(Rear Reflector, Rear Reflective Strip)

    Designs, manufactures, and installs products applied to special vehicles such as Ambulance, Fire truck, and Motor home.

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  • E-commerce

    B2C shopping mall, open market, Overseas business (Amazon, Sophie, Alibaba)

    Communicates with users around the world with a variety of items.

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  • Academy

    We are working hard to train Wrapping Installer by training for One point, short term, expert.

    Occupational expert lesson courses of professionalism at the Academy.

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  • TeamCarSkin

    high-performance sports car, Hypercar, personal leisure car wrapping vehicle exterior management, PPF, Tinting

    As a global tuning company, we guarantee the best quality and performance.

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  • Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing

    3M Authorized Ind. Graphics Manufacturer, OEM(Fire Truck, Ambulance, Police car)

    We're 3M officially certified Nano Ceramic IR Distributor.

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